Technology at Sansara

The future is now. Every Sansara home is fully equipped with the latest in Smart Home technology with full connectivity throughout, lightning fast internet and home automation with voice activated personal assistant.

You are truly living in the future at Sansara.

Don’t worry if technology is not your thing, all home systems also include manual controls, we are not 2001: A Space Odyssey!

State of the art technology

  • High speed Internet backbone with fibre optic connectivity in all villas and apartments.
  • CCTV and infrared perimeter security linked back to 24-hour manned Control Center.
  • All homes are pre-wired with CAT 6 cabling and wireless access points for high speed Internet access, digital SmartHome automation, online video streaming and wireless audiophile connectivity.
  • Standard home automation fitted in all homes:
    • Smartphone integration to all devices
    • Electronic Smart door lock
    • Digital video doorbell with remote access
    • Automated lighting control with motion sensors
    • Security control with wireless camera and motion sensors
  • Advanced emergency control system available if required.
  • Seamless upgrades available to full home automation:
    • Curtains and sliding door control
    • Voice enabled commands with Voice Assistant
    • Air conditioning and ceiling fan control
    • Sonos™ wireless audio connectivity
  • Intelligent building management system that integrates closely with SmartHome automation:
    • Single token device to manage boom gate control, lobby and elevator access, and individual smart door lock
    • Advanced motion detection systems to control lighting and air conditioning control to public areas
    • Each person has worldwide access to their home and Sansara lifestyle services via their Sansara SmartLife App

“Sansara’s approach to technology is focussed on creating an invisible experience to enhance residents’ comfort and satisfaction. We have added the latest innovations in home living to free your time to focus on the important things in life.”

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Environmental Impact and energy efficiency

Every Sansara home combines state-of-the-art construction methodology, appliances and lighting systems to maximize energy efficiency.

This includes:
  • EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) approval for the development, covering criteria such as sun shading, seasonal wind flow, and building position.
  • Large sliding doors with ceiling fans to maximize natural ventilation.
  • Ultra-energy efficient Euro-grey safety glass on all windows and doors to reduce solar heat transfer through the glass.
  • Use of wide veranda with lots of shade to protect against direct sunlight.
  • Almost 45% of total project area is green area
  • Pathways and walkways are a step less design, using slip resistant materials.
  • Low thermal mass CLC fill-in solid wall with internal plasterboard
    cladding to minimize thermal conductivity.
  • Double roof insulation (spray foam and Rockwool batts).
  • Label No.5 electrical appliances, including refrigerator (Electrolux) and air-conditioning units (Fujitsu).
  • Energy efficient LED lighting throughout each home and common areas.
  • Award winning tropical landscape design.
  • Seating options, shade from the sun, and walkways are provided throughout Sansara.
  • Ramps and inclines are designed to international standards.


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